2018 – The Year of Prevention!

The majority of Americans only visit the dentist when they have issues that need to be looked at or fixed. This unfortunate cycle often leads to people getting more expensive and more invasive dental work than they normally should have to get. With a few simple methods of prevention, you can save money, time and hassles. Make 2018 your year to prevent future dental issues!


Got a sweet tooth? Millions of Americans do as well…but that does not have to be the root of dental issues for you. Sealants are applied to teeth as a way to prevent the cavity forming components found in sweets from reaching the teeth. While sealants are often used for kids, there is nothing wrong with admitting that you love to snack on sweets and would like some help to prevent future cavities.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride works to strengthen the outer layer of your teeth, which makes it stronger against plaque and tooth decay. Strengthening the enamel is also a way to keep your teeth whiter since one of the causes of yellowing teeth is when the enamel begins stripping away, and the naturally yellow part of the tooth begins showing more. Over the counter, fluoride treatments are not as strong and effective, so getting one through your dentist is a better guarantee of strengthening your teeth.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Just as breast cancer screenings and prostate cancer screenings are becoming more prevalent, the recommendation for oral cancer screenings is also focused on more. The increase in screenings of other types of cancers has helped to reduce the mortality rate. With a proper early diagnosis of oral cancer, the odds become much more in your favor that you can fight it.


Do you, like millions of Americans, grind your teeth in your sleep? Stress, bad dreams, anxiety…there are many causes of bruxism, the grinding of teeth, but not many easy fixes. A custom mouthguard is a great way to cushion the act of biting and grinding while sleeping.