8 Dental Hacks We Love

There are so many little-known dental hacks that can have a serious effect on your daily routine, in a good way! We have compiled just 8 of our favorite tips and tricks that can improve your oral health and make your daily life easier.

  • Use clothespins to keep your toothbrush from touching dirty counters. Bacteria can easily be transferred from your toothbrush to your mouth. Just think about it; you are sticking those bristles straight into your mouth, the easiest path for bacteria to enter your body.
  • Use a utensil tray to organize family toothbrushes. Keeping toothbrushes separate and organized is another useful, convenient, as well as hygienic.
  • Make sure to brush your teeth for a full two minutes. Laziness can easily lead us to think we can get away with just a 30-second quick brushing. Unfortunately, this can lead to tooth decay.
  • Use unscented dental floss to perfectly cut cakes or other soft solid foods. Dental floss is much more useful than you might think. The thin floss is perfect for cutting soft cakes without ruining them.
  • Mouthwash can also be used as a substitute for hand sanitizer. Mouthwash is usually made up of primarily alcohol, which is also the main ingredient in hand sanitizer.
  • Are you tired of always having to squeeze out the rest of your toothpaste from the tube? Use a binder clip, paper clip, or a hairpin to keep your toothpaste at the right end of the tube. A simple clip that you might otherwise use to keep a bag of chips shut can also be used to keep your toothpaste easy to use.
  • Drink some water after drinking coffee, soda, or other sugary drinks to reduce your chances of cavities and tooth decay. Water can give you the rinse your teeth need to keep coffee from leaving a lasting stain.
  • A dab of mouthwash can be used in a pinch to replace antiperspirant. The alcohol in mouthwash can easily cut through odor.