How to Maintain Your Smile After Invisible Aligners

While traditional braces are still renowned as the most efficient way to straighten teeth, invisible aligners have gained popularity as a great way to get a better smile. Offering all the same benefits of wire braces, invisible aligners are more attractive to many people and therefore more desirable. Some people wonder what life will be like after you get your invisible aligners off, and there will definitely be some changes!

Oral Hygiene

It’s important to stay up on your oral hygiene once you are finally done with your aligners. This is the most important factor that influences your post-aligner oral health. You should brush and floss regularly as well as avoid sugary snacks that promote bacterial growth.

Wear Your Retainer

The biggest thing you can do to keep your newly straightened teeth perfect like you want them, though, is to wear your retainers as recommended. If you falter in your retainer usage, then your teeth can quickly go right back to how they used to be. It would be a shame to spend possibly years of your life straightening your smile only to lose all the progress you’ve made just because you didn’t wear a retainer properly.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits

Sometimes it becomes easy to neglect our regular checkups, but this doesn’t mean we should. Your dentist knows best what you need to maintain your smile. It’s truly in your best interest to get regular checkups and cleanings if you want your smile to stay bright and straight!

We Can Answer Your Questions!

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